VW Video interface built-in navigation (MERC COMING SOON)


  • R 3,999.00

***disclaimer: these products are not original they are after market***

Video interface embedded navigation for Volkswagen & Mercedes vehicles with MQB platform

This multimedia interface does not replace your car stock display. It has the built-in navigation and parking assist system, but it also offers interfaces for the after market video devices like DVD multimedia player, Digital TV tuner, Mirabox connections to the fitted monitor, it also supports video in motion. 

1. Your car will have a GPS function after installing our device, with an SD card slot, support for worldwide maps like IGO, Sygic, PolNav. etc.

2. you can add a rear view accessory with the one-sided rear camera signal included in our interface.

3. With your cars PDC function, the original radar sensor displays on the screen.

4. Dynamic Parking Management System (IPAS) Moving through the steering wheel to make parking easier and safer.

5. After sales service convenience, Replace adapter module directly. It's simple, less risky, safe and reliable.

6. External two ways of av-signal Support wireless Duplication of the box, DVR, TV receiver, etc.

7. Achieve handwriting navigation and navigate navigation by touching, compared with the original navigation module, it's more convenient and flexible.

8. Nondestructive design that does not damage the wires of the original car; Special interface cable, plug mounting without wire cutting.

9. After the upgrade, it still retains all the functions of the original host, even if navigation goes wrong, does not affect the functions of the original car.


● Built in sensitive navigation module MTK3353, 256MB DDR

● Support worldwide maps like iGo, Sygic, Polnav,etc.
● Built in can bus and support touch screen and button control
● Reverse camera auto trigger
● 1 video in for rear view camera, and 3 AV in for DVD or digital TV receiver, etc
● Compatible with the original car speaker
● Plug and play for easy installation




Rear view camera, DVD, digital TV, etc



 Suitable for :



Polo 6 2013-2017

Golf 7 - 2013-2016

Tiguan - 2013-2016


A-Class - 2013-2016

B-Class - 2013-2016

C-Class - 2013-2016


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