Ford Ranger Media SatNav 2016 Android


  • R 9,999.99

Fit to Ford Ranger 2016/17

Plug and play – support original steering wheel controls
Free maps preloaded.

Vehicle class Android latest operating system, lead the smart car life;
9 inch multi-touch 1024*600px capacitive screen, it is the ultimate visual feast;
Miracast & Airplay big screen share apps (one-way) ;
Intelligent dormant when turn off the ACC;
The built-in 16Gb hard disk and three ways copy;
Support 3G and WiFi network;
Built-in Google Map with real-time traffic status report;
Easy ROM update, simply insert the firmware card to GPS slot, user-friendly.


25 seconds to start;
Strong built-in chip, main control RK PX3, (1.6GHZ frequency 4-Core), 16G hard disk, 1G memory;
Big screen with capacitive touch, 1024*600 high resolution, clear image/video display;

Miracast & Airplay big screen share apps (one-way)

Support miracast (Android) & Airplay (iPhone) protocol, via WI-FI transmit the data rapidly;
Let you go to share the Navigation, video, music, photo, etc. in the big screen from the smartphone. The
strong wireless equipment make you enjoy your happy time;
Support Android phone version 4.2 and above. Support iPhone iOS7.0 and above.

Intelligent dormant when turn off the ACC

The unit will dorment with black screen when turn off the ACC, but it can still work another five minutes .When there is a call in this five minutes period via Bluetooth, the unit can wake up to support the driver to make a normal call.

Free download vast Android applications

Free download various applications in the Android Market. There are thousands of applications in the Android market, games, skype, MSN, Youtube, Twitter, Google Latitude, E-book, Gmail, etc.

3G WIFI Network

Through the WIFI/3G Device, you can connect the internet to search the internet, mobile telecommunication, Mobile office, network telephone, VOIP meeting, network communication, network game, data download, Email, Fax and so on. Fast, stable and reliable.

1080 HD video playback

Support playback of video file (MP4) in the hard disk, USD, SD cards and other connected devices, display HD picture and beautiful sound.

Quality Audio Sound

Special EQ balance audio processing technology and efficient digital signal processing system. Custom sound equalization settings, high, mid, bass, pop, classical, jazz style settings and spectrum display function.

Built-in original Map real-time traffic status report

High precision GPS module, fast signal receive and stable, hot start just need 1 second;
Free genuine German map, dynamic real-time broadcast traffic, 3D stereo city bring you beat all visual experience;
Intelligent voice navigation, let you drive more safely, experience the intelligent voice interest point search fun and network intelligent search;
Real time traffic whenever and wherever, planning ahead of time travel plans, share their position quickly and easily send the location information to your relatives or friends;
Enjoy FREE GPS map update.

Bluetooth phonebook

Convenient hand free call and Bluetooth music, build in phonebook auto search the contacts, synchronize your mobile phone book to the device;
Support calls the passive import mail list;
Support disconnected automatically after the removal of the phone book;
Phone book synchronization mobile phone language;
Support for the third party.

The built-in 16 G hard disk

Build in 16 GB Hard Disk, download thousands of songs, management as same as PC.

CAR DVR (optional)

Auto start the full time HD video, escort for you or record the scenery along the way;
With the host communication interface, can be manipulated by the host, can also be the key operation;
High storage efficiency, standard 4G card, can be used 100 minutes (25 minutes /G), TIF card memory, maximum support 32G
Multi mode video: computer, television, mobile phone.

Radio Function

The built-in vehicle level radio module, support RDS;
FM/AM, high sensitive digital tuner, more strong signal, support FM/AM searching, storing, frequency showing, music adjustment and can be stored 99 stations.

3D Stereophonic Sound Processor

The 3D sound processor enlarges the listening zone of conventional surround sound and enables perfect audio imaging for all listeners.

Digital TV(optional)

Digital mobile TV, the region receives signal strength to 1-8 channels, you can learn the current news, the Financial reports, so you can Master the stock market and other information at the drive time;
Foreign countries (analog TV, full system receiving module; support the digital television, DVB-T, ISDB supports dual tuner).

Intelligent parking system

Lens video input, an accurate grasp of the rear road, reversing as forward as comfortable, more safer and convenient;
Intelligent configuration, when reversing it will automatic switching a rearview camera, support the reverse on boot function, high-definition digital camera.


Installation of the unit is an extra R399

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